Einstein GPT for Developers

GPT – or Generative Pre-trained Transformer – renowned for its human-like text generation, is now integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem under "Einstein GPT."

Einstein GPT for Developers
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  • Einstein for Developers significantly boosts coding efficiency within the Salesforce environment by utilizing natural language processing to understand and execute Apex-based prompts.
  • The tool proactively scans for code issues and offers real-time suggestions, making it a pivotal resource for maintaining code quality and safety.
  • By integrating directly into the Salesforce platform, Einstein for Developers leverages organizational metadata to generate more accurate and context-specific code solutions.

Einstein GPT is an umbrella for multiple GPT products, like:

  1. Sales GPT
  2. Service GPT
  3. Slack GPT
  4. Marketing GPT
  5. Einstein for Developers.

Einstein for Developers promises to enhance Developers' capabilities to unprecedented levels by providing them with tools, such as code generation and documentation.

It simplifies the start of development by creating intelligent Apex-based natural language prompts. Einstein for Developers speeds up coding by scanning for code issues and offering real-time suggestions within the Salesforce development environment.

From a Developer's perspective, this technology can be a game-changer – here's why.

The potential of Einstein for Developers

Einstein streamlines and enhances various aspects of application development within the Salesforce ecosystem. One exceptional thing about Einstein for Developers is its natural language processing (NLP) capability, which means it understands how people talk.

This is a huge deal because it can improve customer service, help with data analysis, and automate tasks. It can even help businesses make smarter decisions.

As the tool uses generative AI, it might give incorrect or potentially harmful responses. Its results can be unpredictable. Always check the output for correctness and safety before using it.

The power and accessibility of large language models in Salesforce quickly change the way we use and configure CRM. Already today, coders can be much more efficient in their work when leveraging AI-powered code completion or even generation (for example, test classes.)

Harald Meyer

Hutte CEO & Founder

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The Developer's perspective

For Developers, it helps make coding in Salesforce easier. It scans your code for mistakes and gives you suggestions as you write. It's a unique tool just for Salesforce, and it understands what you want to do, even if you don't write the code in technical terms. This tool is part of Salesforce and knows how you write your code. It also keeps your code safe.

Einstein for Developers has many benefits, including the following:

  1. Einstein for Developers is integrated into the Salesforce platform, unlike other AI coding tools. This integration gives it access to your organization's metadata, leading to more accurate and tailored code solutions.
  2. It makes recommendations based on your existing code, perfect for if you write your classes and triggers in a certain way.
  3. Einstein also uses the AI Trust Layer, ensuring your code stays secure.
  4. It helps keep your code consistent and follows the same standards.
  5. Einstein quickly creates basic code, which helps test ideas, hence saving a lot of time.

Einstein is accessible to Salesforce Developers through VS Code and Code Builder. You can describe what you want in plain language, and it will generate the code accordingly.

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Getting started with Einstein for Developers


  • Enable Einstein for Developers. Go to "Setup," "Quick Find," "Einstein for Developers," and "Enable" in your org
  • Install Einstein for Developers extension by going to "VS Code," "Extensions," "Search," "Einstein for Developers," and install the latest version.

How to use Einstein for Developers

There are two ways in which you can use the Einstein for Developers extension:

  • By going to the command palette using "Command+Shift+P" (Mac) and "Ctrl+Shift+P" (Windows). Search and select the "SFDX: Generate Code with Einstein" command
  • Through using the Einstein Sidebar.

Advantages of Einstein

Einstein GPT helps Developers in several ways:

Code generation

It makes writing code more accessible. You tell it what you want in simple terms, and it creates code for you. This saves time and lets you focus on more complex tasks.

Documentation and comments

It can automatically write documentation and comments for your code, which is especially useful in big projects.

Automated error detection

It helps find and fix mistakes in your code, making debugging easier.

Enhanced collaboration

It can translate tech talk into plain language, making it easier for technical and non-technical team members to work together.

Rapid prototyping

You can use it to quickly create project outlines and mockups, making development more efficient.


Einstein for Developers is in open beta and available across all Salesforce editions. It writes code, for example, in Developer, Enterprise, Partner Developer, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Unfortunately, Einstein for Developers is not available in the EU Operating Zone. The EU Operating Zone is a particular paid offering that provides enhanced data residency commitment. Code Builder is supported in orgs in the EU that aren't part of the EU Operating Zone, per the standard product terms and conditions.

Pricing for the various GPT products can be found on Salesforce.com.

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In the end, Einstein GPT is a big step forward in the Salesforce ecosystem, offering powerful capabilities for users of the Salesforce platform. It can change how businesses and customers interact, analyze data, and make predictions.

Einstein for Developers is like a coding assistant that can make a Developer's life easier. However, its true value will be determined by how effectively Developers can harness its potential and integrate it into real-world applications.