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Samantha Spiro

Samantha is Hutte's Content Manager and Chief Editor. She has over six years of experience as both a content writer and a copywriter. Bringing the written word to life is the name of her game.

Salesforce AI

Einstein GPT for Developers

  • 3 mins read

100 Software development statistics: Tools, lifecycles, & challenges

  • 13 mins read

110 Git-based development statistics: Commands, features, & solutions

  • 14 mins read

120 DevOps statistics: Principles, success, & future endeavors

  • 15 mins read

50+ Salesforce statistics: market share & demographics

  • 12 mins read

Top Salesforce certifications for 2024

  • 10 mins read
Salesforce Releases

Our pick of the top new features from Winter '24

  • 3 mins read
Hutte Trails Podcast

How to navigate an ISV on Salesforce (Trails podcast episode #4 with Tim Schuitemaker)

  • 8 mins read
Hutte Trails Podcast

How to succeed with a Salesforce ISV company (Trails podcast episode #3 with Rupert Mayer)

  • 11 mins read
Salesforce Development

Steps on how to adopt Git-Based Salesforce Development

  • 9 mins read

Comparing Copado vs Gearset vs Hutte

  • 6 mins read