Hutte’s next generation UI is available to all users (beta)

Imagine standing before a towering mountain as you gear up for the ascent. You know it won't be easy, but you're ready for the challenge.

  • Published 26 Apr 2023
  • 8 mins read
Hutte’s next generation UI is available to all users (beta)
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  • Alt Hutte has launched a beta version of their new user interface (UI), which promises a dynamic, responsive, and customizable experience for users.
  • The UI features a main navigation bar similar to Salesforce’s App Launcher, searchable list views, and list view filters, enhancing the overall user interaction with the platform.
  • Users can access a built-in chat feature for feedback or assistance, and there’s a simple setup guide to help new users get started with Hutte projects.

After hours of climbing, you reach the mountain’s summit. You feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing you have overcome the hurdle and reached your goal.

Our team experienced this feeling after months of hard work and user testing to create a wholly rethought version of the Hutte UI. We were determined to push ourselves to create something genuinely innovative and thrilling.

After brainstorming, designing, coding, and testing, we proudly present the new Hutte UI, which is packed with features that will enhance users' interactions with our platform.

We are confident our new UI will present exciting possibilities to you and your team.

A dynamic user interface (UI)

Users expect quick response times and a seamless experience when working with a UI. At Hutte, we understand the importance of creating a UI that looks great and performs flawlessly.

That's why we've worked to develop a rocket-fast, dynamic, and responsive interface that delivers a superior user experience.

We've optimized every interface element to ensure it performs smoothly, with no lag or delays, even when performing complex operations.

In addition, we've made the interface highly adaptive, meaning that it can adjust to your changing needs and preferences.

You can customize the interface, making it easier to complete tasks quickly and efficiently without being bogged down by unnecessary or irrelevant features.

In general, users (in this example, admins/developers) appreciate an overview of the changes and, more importantly, how these fit into the company processes and improve current processes, typically in the form of documentation/videos.

Manuel Moya

Technical Architect, Developer, and DevOps Engineer

Source: Hutte

We’ve designed an intuitive interface by adopting selected design patterns from Salesforce Lightning

A main navigation bar

The main navigation bar is the primary means of accessing the different areas of Hutte. It has a Salesforce App Launcher-style component that allows easy access to all Hutte Projects.

Improved list views

Searchable list views

List view filters (for example, "My Scratch Orgs”)

Your timeline

Experience a condensed, expandable chronologic view of actions performed in your scratch orgs or sandboxes.

A harmonized user experience

This applies to your projects for both scratch orgs and sandboxes.

Improved onboarding

We have a simple setup guide for your projects on Hutte.

Secure persistent sessions

Enjoy a more convenient login experience through secure session storage.

Our chat feature

You can use our built-in chat function to give us feedback or stay in touch if you face any issues using the next-generation UI. The chat feature is located in the bottom right corner.

You will also have direct access to our help center from the “?-symbol.”

Access our new UI

The new UI can be reached by clicking the "Switch to next generation UI" button in the header of the Hutte web app.

Have peace of mind that you can easily switch back at any time from the "Switch to legacy UI" button located on the next generation UI.

Alternatively, you can log in directly from

Watch our demo to get going

If you haven't yet created a Hutte account or you’d simply like a refresher on how Hutte works, check out our interactive demo below:

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