Hutte Plugin For Jira Cloud And Jira Data Center Now Available On Atlassian Marketplace

Salesforce teams use Jira as a project management tool to help them manage their workflows, tasks, and projects. Jira provides a flexible platform to track and manage issues effectively.

Hutte Plugin For Jira Cloud And Jira Data Center Now Available On Atlassian Marketplace
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Salesforce teams use Jira for:

  • Issue tracking: Salesforce teams can track issues and bugs related to their Salesforce applications. They can create Jira tickets for each issue, assign them to team members, and track their progress through various stages.
  • Holistic project management: The team can create sprints, epics, and backlogs and use burndown charts to visualize the project's progress. Jira is highly customizable, allowing Salesforce teams to create workflows that fit their needs.
  • Integration with Salesforce: This integration can help Salesforce teams reduce manual data entry, improve data accuracy, and automate processes.
It is advantageous to integrate Salesforce with Jira to improve its productivity and efficiency as a core CRM product. Many of our existing users have asked for a Hutte and Jira integration to be built for their Salesforce development.

Well, you asked, and we answered. We’re happy to announce that our Jira plugin is now available from Atlassian Marketplace!

Image Source: Atlassian Marketplace
Hutte and Jira have been integrated to give our users the added benefits of top-notch Salesforce project management.

Your workflows and issue management will be well-organized as you will have access to your Hutte Scratch Org and Sandbox detail pages in one click – right from your Jira Issue View.

Follow the steps below to configure our Jira plugin.

How the matching works

The matching is done based on the Jira Issue Key, which means that from your Jira Issue "ISS-1," all active Hutte Scratch Orgs and Sandboxes that contain this issue key in their name (for example, "[ISS-1] QA Org Develop" and "[ISS-1] QA Org") are linked.

How to install the plugin

To install the plugin, ask your Admin to follow a few simple steps from Atlassian Marketplace.

Your Admin will need to select the appropriate version for your needs. They will choose "Cloud" if you use Atlassian's hosted offer or "Data Center" if you self-host your Jira.

What to do after the installation

Once installed, it requires a one-time setup by an Admin, who will enter and save their credentials to connect your Hutte Organization. 

To perform the actual Jira configuration, the Admin will need to select the following options in Jira’s UI once-off:

Image Source: Atlassian Marketplace
  • "Apps"
  • "Manage apps"
  • "Hutte for Jira configuration."
Once your Admin has performed these steps, a typical user can access the plugin.

You Are All Set

Don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or use our chat function on Hutte if you have any queries or feedback regarding our Jira plugin.