What is Einstein 1 Studio, and why is it important?

Salesforce released Einstein 1 Studio, a suite of low-code tools, at TrailblazerDX on March 6th, 2024. It includes tools that will help Developers customize the Einstein Copilot and add new proficiency.

  • Published 02 May 2024
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What is Einstein 1 Studio, and why is it important?
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The best part? Einstein Studio, newly branded as Einstein 1 Studio, is bundled with Salesforce Data Cloud at no extra cost. It includes various features – like a control panel – that allow enterprises to share their data with powerful language models, such as GPT-4 and Llama 2.

Einstein 1 Studio includes the Copilot, Prompt, and Model Builder.

  • Copilot Builder creates custom AI actions to accomplish specific business tasks
  • Prompt Builder builds and activates custom prompts in the workflow
  • Model Builder develops or imports AI models.

These tools let businesses create personal and reliable AI experiences on the Einstein 1 platform based on their customers' needs.

Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio and its tools

Einstein 1 Studio, in short, is your AI assistant that offers various tools for easy Salesforce AI app creation. It includes three low-code tools:

#1. Prompt Builder

The Prompt Builder assists in creating specific instructions for large language models (LLMs). This user-friendly tool does not require any coding skills. With the Prompt Builder, you can input your instructions for the LLM, provide relevant data, and receive accurate responses.

The Prompt Builder is versatile. It allows you to create templates for various business tasks, such as emails, descriptions, and summaries. This means you can save time by reusing these templates for common workflows.

Prompt Builder has got you covered whether you need to draft emails, create product descriptions, or summarize important information.

With Prompt Builder, you can access Salesforce data securely through merge fields, Flow, Data Cloud, and even Apex. This means you can quickly insert relevant information into your templates without the hassle of manual data entry, saving time and improving efficiency in your daily tasks.

These templates allow you to connect AI-powered workflows to custom fields in Salesforce records, draft and revise personalized emails, and create custom Prompt Templates. Let's learn more about the types of Prompt Templates.

Types of Prompt Templates:

  1. Sales Email Templates assist in creating personalized emails based on record data for customers, products, and events.
  2. Field Generation Prompt Templates: Generative AI-assisted workflows can be added to Salesforce records' custom fields using Field Generation Prompt Templates.
  3. Record Summary Prompt Templates (Copilot) generate a text summary for a Salesforce record based on its data.
  4. Flex Prompt Templates allow you to generate content for business purposes not covered by other Prompt Template types, enabling you to define your resources.

Is the data secure with Prompt Builder?

  • Prompt Builder relies on the Einstein Trust Layer to create secure and trusted prompts without sharing sensitive information with language models.
  • When you create a prompt using Prompt Builder and get a response, the prompt goes through the Einstein Trust Layer first. This layer hides any sensitive data before it goes to the language model.
  • If the prompts go to outside models through the shared trust boundary, the data is encrypted to keep it safe while traveling. Additionally, any private details in the prompts are hidden to protect their confidentiality.

#2. Copilot Builder

Einstein Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that integrates smoothly with Salesforce's interface and can handle various natural language-based questions and requests. It provides relevant answers using secure and proprietary company data to enhance efficiency and safety by assisting employees with their daily business interactions.

Einstein Copilot can help employees with a wide range of workflows and tasks. It is a Salesforce feature that can quickly assist your users with everyday tasks, and you don't need any coding knowledge to set it up.

It can:

  1. Summarize Salesforce records
  2. Draft or revise sales emails
  3. Find Salesforce records
  4. Aggregate Salesforce data
  5. Answer questions using the information from your knowledge base.

You can also extend your Copilot's functionality by using your existing Salesforce platform capabilities.

Let's take a closer look at what makes it so beneficial:

Einstein Trust Layer

Einstein Copilot helps you do things in your Salesforce account when asked. It sends your requests to the LLM, which determines what needs to be done and does it. This tool follows all the rules of your Salesforce account, like who can access what, so everything stays safe. It's also connected to the Einstein Trust Layer, a unique system component that keeps everything secure.

  • This Trust Layer ensures that your data stays private and safe when you use smart AI features. It also helps improve AI responses by using trusted information.
  • The layer maintains the reliability of AI suggestions by adding trusted company data. Thanks to zero-data retention rules, it's essential to know that no one else keeps your data.
  • To protect your privacy, your personal information is kept secret during your chats with Einstein Copilot. However, the tool keeps a record of your interactions if you want to see what's been happening.

🤖 Author's note: So, in simple terms, Einstein Copilot is like having a helpful chat buddy who understands your Salesforce needs easily.

Natural language

Sales representatives can save time using Einstein Copilot to find specific records instead of navigating multiple Salesforce UI pages. This tool, powered by an LLM, understands the user's request, replies in natural language, and presents a list of relevant data. The interaction is as smooth as chatting with a natural person.


Einstein Copilot is an AI-powered conversational assistant that can understand user requests and instructions in an ongoing dialogue. Unlike other assistants who can only handle a single interaction with a user, Einstein Copilot can retain the context and respond to follow-up questions or related requests.

This makes it easier for users to have more natural and productive conversations with the assistant.

🔎 Author's note: Read this Trailhead module to learn how to customize your Copilot.

#3. Model Builder

Model Builder is a tool that allows you to create both predictive and generative models using data from the Data Cloud, regardless of your coding expertise. When building predictive models, you can start from scratch or import existing models from platforms such as SageMaker, Vertex, or any other source you choose.

Salesforce states that the role of Model Builder will become extremely important in the future as more organizations set on building their own LLMs. However, the Model Builder is still in beta.

Sales, service, and marketing potential with Einstein 1 Studio

The whole point of having Salesforce, its tools, and Einstein 1 Studio is to help businesses with sales, service, marketing, and other aspects of customer relationship management. Let's have a look at how Einstein 1 Studio helps the three essential pillars:


Helping sales teams with smart insights

Einstein 1 Studio gives sales teams tools to make informed decisions using data. It looks at big data using advanced analytics and machine learning to find important patterns and opportunities. By working with Salesforce CRM data, Einstein 1 Studio offers personalized suggestions. This helps sales teams work better and come up with new ideas to improve their sales strategies.

Improving customer connections

In today's challenging business world, it is important to connect with customers on a personal level. Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio helps salespeople understand customers better by using smart technology to predict what they like and how they behave. With this information, sales teams can make interactions with customers more personal and meaningful.

Boosting sales efficiency

Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio helps your sales team by analyzing data. It automates tasks like sorting leads, scoring opportunities, and managing emails. This lets your sales reps focus on important tasks that increase sales. Plus, it's easy to use and works smoothly with Salesforce, making work faster and reducing administrative tasks.


Self-service platforms

Einstein 1 Studio lets businesses set up self-help platforms where customers can find answers to their questions. This means customers can solve problems without needing to talk to someone.

Digital communication

With Einstein 1 Studio, businesses can communicate with customers via email, chat, or social media. This makes it quick and easy for customers to get help when they need it.

Voice assistance

Not everyone wants to type out a query or problem. Einstein 1 Studio lets customers get help by talking to a computer system and getting answers without typing. This saves time and effort. 

Visual support

Einstein 1 Studio has a feature where support agents can see what customers are seeing on their screens. This helps them understand problems better and fix them faster.

Streamlined operations

Einstein 1 Studio helps businesses run their service operations more smoothly. It automates tasks, freeing support agents to help customers with complex problems.


Understanding your customers better

Einstein 1 Studio gathers information about your customers from various sources. It examines how they interact with your business, what they buy, and who they are. This helps you create marketing campaigns that speak directly to your audience.

Knowing what works

Einstein 1 Studio helps you monitor the success of your marketing efforts. It looks at the number of people engaging with your campaigns, who buys, and how much money you make. This helps you determine what's working and what's not so you can make smarter decisions for the future.

Making marketing easier

Einstein 1 Studio works seamlessly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud so that you can manage your marketing activities in one place. Whether sending emails or posting on social media, Einstein 1 Studio makes creating personalized and engaging campaigns simple.

Einstein 1 Studio uses cutting-edge technology to improve your marketing efforts. It can forecast which leads are likely to become customers and recommend content aligning with your audience's interests. This saves you time and enables you to concentrate on your top priorities.

Making marketing personal

Personalization is the key to successful marketing, and Einstein 1 Studio is your ally in this endeavor. By analyzing customer data, it enables you to create personalized experiences that truly engage. Whether it's product recommendations or targeted emails, Einstein 1 Studio helps you establish a deeper connection with your audience.

Einstein 1 Studio is here to stay

In summary, Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio is an excellent tool for businesses looking to improve their sales and customer relationships. Since it is low-code, it's easy to use and has smart AI features that help companies understand their data better, make smarter decisions, and give customers better experiences.

Author's note: In my opinion, Salesforce will pay undivided attention to the current usage and further advancements of Einstein 1 Studio. In the words of Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI: "Our model is open and provides the flexibility to connect to a variety of different AI models. We've started to fine-tune models to suit unique employee or customer needs."

What's next?

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