Send Salesforce Org changes to Git in a click

At Hutte, we empower you to harness the advantages of Git-based development visually, eliminating the requirement for a CLI. We've successfully overcome the obstacles often associated with Git by introducing a web-based UI for SFDX, designed for effortless Salesforce version control.

You Don’t Need To Install Or Learn Git

Hutte’s UI is already integrated into Git hosting tools, like GitHub, GitLab, and Azure. From these hosting providers, you can view the changes you made, including your pull request in a line-by-line comparison format.
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No Code, No Hassle

You can create and manage Salesforce scratch orgs and sandboxes. There is no need for code, which means there is no hassle involved.

Connect A Salesforce Org As Your DevHub

Connect a Salesforce production org and enable DevHub from the "Setup Menu."

If you don't have access to a production org, you can create Trailhead Playground (Hands-on) orgs with a quota of five scratch orgs per org for free.

Connect A Git Repository

The connected repo needs to contain a valid SFDX project.

If you don't have a project yet – you can create one by running: "sfdx force:project:create -projectname "Name"" in an empty directory. You can then commit the created ‘file and folder’ structure.

Shape Your Scratch Org Definition To Your Project's Needs

In Hutte, under "Project Settings" and "Default configuration for Scratch Orgs," you can store and edit the "Org Shape" for your scratch orgs.
If you're already using SFDX, you'd copy the content of your “config/project-scratch-def.json” there.
Create an empty file in the root directory of your connected Git repository and name it “hutte.yml”.
To get started, copy defaults from selecting "Configuration" in your Hutte project.
Salesforce DevOps Solution For Everyone
Hutte is easy, powerful, and accessible to anyone on your team, regardless of technical skills and coding knowledge.
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