Accelerate your Salesforce implementation projects with open-source

30/04/24 4PM CEST 45 min
Discover how embracing a Git-based approach to Salesforce implementations can enhance collaboration, proactively tackle conflicts, streamline workflows, and accelerate releases – all with surprising ease.

Join Hutte's CEO and Founder, Harald Mayer, and Manuel Moya, Salesforce Architect, Developer, and DevOps Engineer, as they unveil a suite of templates and tools designed to automate essential tasks, such as quality checks, data seeding, and metadata deployments. From foundational basics to advanced frameworks like "dx@scale/flxbl," we've got you covered.

This session will:

  • Guide you through starting simple and advancing progressively
  • Introduce you to the vibrant Salesforce open-source community, brimming with top-notch tooling
  • Demonstrate the significant returns on your initial investment.

Join us for a full release cycle demonstration leveraging open-source solutions and Hutte. Register now and unlock the full potential of your Salesforce implementation projects!

Harald Mayer

As Hutte’s CEO and Founder, Harald empowers SI teams globally to operate no-code DevOps and adopt Git-based development without using command line tools with Hutte.

Manuel Moya

Manuel has been in the Salesforce ecosystem as a technical Architect, Developer, and DevOps Engineer implementing Salesforce solutions and DevOps solutions.
Salesforce Certified Application and System Architect || 11x Salesforce Certified and 2x Copado Certified