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Hutte vs Change Sets

Effortless deployments, accessible to everyone

Say goodbye to unloved Change Sets, a tedious and inefficient method for moving Metadata between Salesforce organizations.

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Frustrated by deploying with Change Sets?

Manually clicking to bundle changed metadata into a Change Set is tedious. Hutte monitors the changes you make in a Sandbox or Scratch Org and lets you deploy them with a click to a connected target Org of your choice. You can conveniently select the tests to run from a visual interface. It also makes it easy to track all changes in version control, providing a clear record of who changed what, when, and why in your Org's configuration and code. You no longer need to keep spreadsheets of "what has to be deployed," and can move even complex features from Org to Org effortlessly.

Hutte excels in Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer experience possible. Our customers love us, and we love them back. Hutte is the highest-rated Salesforce DevOps solution on AppExchange.

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Speeding Salesforce development for everyone

Our mission is to help Salesforce teams work faster and better, without the need for CLI or Git commands.

Manage Environments

1-click Sandbox and Scratch Org creation, Org Pooling, and 1-click logins.

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Track and integrate changes

1-click Sandbox and Scratch Org creation, Org Pooling, and 1-click logins.

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Deploy anywhere

1-click Sandbox and Scratch Org creation, Org Pooling, and 1-click logins.

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Security & Compliance

Hutte is committed to providing secure products to safely manage digital identities across the globe. Our external certifications provide independent assurance of Hutte’s dedication to protecting our customers by regularly assessing and validating the protections and effective security practices Hutte has in place.

  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • SOC II Type 2 audit with unqualified opinion
  • Enterprise grade compliance

Trusted by leading teams worldwide

How are you currently deploying changes to your Salesforce Org?

With built-in Change Sets

With Hutte, you can easily connect target Orgs, and deploy changes from a feature. Try it out, and say goodbye to Change Set deployments forever.

With Open Source or Custom Pipelines

Hutte loves open source and works great with dx@scale/flxbl, CumulusCI, sfdx-hardis, and your custom built deployment automation.

With Salesforce DevOps Center

Struggle with feature gaps, lack of customer support, and slow UI? See how Hutte compares to Salesforce’s own successor to Change Sets.

Third-party DevOps Product

Learn how Hutte compares to commercial tools like Copado - with a modern approach, constant innovation, and attractive pricing.

Evgenii Pavlov

Founder and CEO of

Customer since 2019ISV company

“We've seen the tremendous impact that introducing Hutte had on our efficiency. I can't imagine Salesforce Development without Hutte.”

Salesforce DevOps Solution For Everyone
Hutte is easy, powerful, and accessible to anyone on your team, regardless of technical skills and coding knowledge.
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