New in Hutte: Org Snapshots management made easy

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing user experience (UX), Hutte persists in its tradition of excellence by introducing an array of quality enhancements we’ve made to our offering. Read on to find out what they are.

  • Published 12 Feb 2024
  • 3 mins read
New in Hutte: Org Snapshots management made easy
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Managing Org Snapshots has never been simpler

Org Snapshots have been in private pilot for quite a while and have recently become public beta with Spring '24. Many of you would have seen this rollout on February 3, while others would have seen it in your orgs on February 9.

So, what are Org Snapshots? They aim to accelerate and enhance scratch org-based development by allowing you to create a snapshot of your current scratch org state.

This snapshot can then quickly generate orgs that mimic the original org. A snapshot includes the shape of the org (previously specified in JSON format or by referencing a "Shape Org"), the state of metadata, and – yes, you read it right – data!

Using Org Snapshots with Hutte

Hutte continues its usual approach of early adoption and remarkable UX improvement, particularly for users who are less comfortable with command line. You can easily create and manage your Org Snapshots from any of your scratch orgs and apply them while creating scratch orgs through the Hutte UI. Alternatively, you can build your Scratch Org Pool from Snapshots.

If you want early access to this feature, contact us through the support chat on our website. Beforehand, please enable Snapshots on your DevHub connected to Hutte.

Watch it in action 🎬

Improved management of "Nothing to Commit" situations

There are scenarios where metadata changes in your Sandbox or Scratch Org, which appear in the "Changes" preview and "Pull Changes" dialogue in Hutte, are already reflected in Git. This could occur, for example, when another user working on the same feature commits the same changes directly from the IDE rather than through Hutte. This is completely acceptable, as Hutte aims to support each user's preferred tool.

In the past, Hutte displayed a somewhat confusing error when changed metadata already existed in the exact same version on Git. We have improved this by replacing the error message with a success status in the timeline for such scenarios. We also list the components selected for pulling from the Org, even though these didn't result in Git changes.

Packaging flags for Scratch Org creation

From now on, Hutte Admins can easily specify "No ancestors" and "No namespace" flags using our UI. This can be done when setting Scratch Org defaults (Project Settings) or when creating an individual Scratch Org with Hutte. This feature is particularly beneficial for ISVs working with second-generation packaging

Other updates we’ve made

  • A streamlined project setup UX
  • Our team has added a release type property to the Sandbox view in Hutte, indicating if an org is in “Release Preview” or not
  • Minor bug fixes.

Snapshot success with Hutte

Reach out to us to find out how we can tailor a better user experience for you by requesting a demo!

Last updated: 12 Jun 2024