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Ultimate starter guide to Git-based Salesforce development

Git-based development is a highly accepted software development standard across the world. More than 99% of developers use Git and other version controls for open source projects. In the last one year, it has also become mainstream in the Salesforce ecosystem. But despite Salesforce promoting Git-based development as a best practice for low-and-pro-code development, Salesforce developers still find it difficult to do so. This comprehensive eBook serves as your ultimate starter guide to Git-based development in Salesforce.

Introducing our comprehensive eBook! It is the ultimate starter pack for seamlessly integrating Git into your Salesforce development workflow.

Inside, you'll page through:

  • An insightful analysis of the challenges of Salesforce version control and expert guidance on overcoming Git-based hurdles.
  • A deep dive into the core concepts of Git-based development and why you should embrace Git for Salesforce development.
  • Step-by-step instructions on setting up Git for Salesforce development.
  • Practical tips for utilizing source-tracked orgs, contributing your changes back to the main codebase, and integrating CI/CD into your Git-based development workflow.

Plus, you'll discover how to streamline environment management, enjoy an intuitive user interface, effortlessly deploy work on the Salesforce platform, and eliminate the need for complex command-line tooling with Hutte.

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