How To Visualize Your Salesforce Data In Slack

When collaborating with team members or customers, analytics can drive the conversation. It provides insights and data to support decision-making and improve productivity.

How To Visualize Your Salesforce Data In Slack
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You can further enhance the collaboration experience for your Slack users by integrating your Salesforce reports directly in Slack. This enables users to view and analyze Salesforce data without leaving the Slack platform.

By integrating your Salesforce reports directly into Slack, users can easily stay on top of their key metrics and make data-driven decisions without having to switch between multiple applications.

Let’s take you through how you can set up this integration.

Step 1: Enable Salesforce For Slack

Follow these steps to connect Slack to your Salesforce org:

  • Go to “Setup” and then “Initial Slack Setup”
  • Agree to the terms and conditions in the “Agree to Terms and Conditions” section
  • Give your user the following permissions: “Connect Salesforce with Slack,” “Manage Slack app organization connections for Slack apps,” and “Manage Slack user mappings.”

Step 2: Set Up The CRM Analytics App In Salesforce And Slack

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  • Go to “Setup” and “Initial Slack Setup”
  • Under the “Enable Slack Apps for Salesforce” section, click on the “Go to CRM Analytics for Slack Setup” button
  • Check the “Agree” and “Enable Slack integration” checkboxes
  • You will now switch over to your Slack workspace and install the CRM Analytics app.
Once you’ve installed the app, you should be able to see it in your Slack workspace.

CRM Analytics App Features

Easily Browse, Search, And View Salesforce Reports And Dashboards

  • Users can access recent and favorite items on the “Home” tab of the app or through slash commands in its channels
  • Search functionality allows users to find specific items by name
  • Users can view details and snapshots of each item, and they can download them as accessible PDFs
  • The app provides a seamless way for users to access and share their Salesforce data within the Slack platform.

Search For Reports

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View Report Details

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Browse Report Charts

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Share Analytics With Your Teammates

  • You can share Salesforce analytics items in Slack with your teammates
  • Users can share items with or without a preview
  • Any items shared will appear in the “Messages” tab of a user’s Slack CRM Analytics app.

Share Reports

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Subscribe To Lightning Reports And Dashboards

  • Users can subscribe to reports and dashboards to receive regular updates
  • Subscriptions refresh on a schedule, and it sends a snapshot of the item to specific recipients in Slack
  • Users can create, edit, and delete subscriptions within the app at any time.

Report Subscription

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Manage Subscriptions

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Have You Integrated Yet

Having a single view of your customers can be extremely useful for sales and service professionals.

By bringing sales and service data directly into Slack, teams can gain a clearer picture of their customers. This enables them to identify their challenges and provide relevant solutions.

In doing so, your teams can create trusted, long-term relationships with your customers.

Easy access to data also helps sales professionals get up to speed quickly, promote team selling, and scale processes. Analytics and data also improves customer satisfaction, increases productivity, and drives revenue.

According to Slack, it has more than 10 million daily active users. So, now more than ever, you should take advantage of its extensive Salesforce data and customer base capabilities.