The Best Free And Paid Salesforce Courses To Take In 2023

Salesforce is the market leader, with over 150K companies relying on its platform for business growth.

The Best Free And Paid Salesforce Courses To Take In 2023
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A Gartner study has revealed that organizations of all shapes and sizes are transitioning from on-premises to cloud computing. It's also predicted that software as a service (SaaS) investments will reach nearly $100 billion by 2024.

The ability of Salesforce to tailor, create, and share applications within its platform has encouraged ingenious thinking and propelled cloud computing in an increasingly digitized world.

Businesses are undergoing a dramatic digital transformation, and the cloud is pivotal to this success. Developing skills with cloud technologies – such as Salesforce – can pave the way for even more significant accomplishments.

What does this mean for you? A Salesforce certification can future-proof your career.

So, look at our list of the top free and paid Salesforce courses you should enroll in to give your Salesforce role more credibility.

Free Salesforce Courses To Register For

Salesforce is committed to breaking down the common obstacles faced in tech careers – such as cost and complexity – by making technology education more accessible.

They are always looking for ways to bring fresh talent into the community, enhance people's skills, and make the world a better place.

The Salesforce Trailblazer community, composed of experts, provides an even more incredible selection of free training courses.

Top-notch free training courses are available online if you want to learn Salesforce without breaking the bank.


Image Source: Trailhead 

This powerful, free training site by Salesforce provides over 1K functional modules, quizzes, and hands-on activities when linked to a Salesforce org (or a “Trailhead Playground”).

The platform is designed with a game-based format to make learning more exciting and the content easily understandable.

Through Trailhead, those who have already accomplished extraordinary feats in the Salesforce environment have been able to push the mission of upskilling new professionals and introducing the next wave of “Trailblazers.”

Trailhead is the ultimate training resource that will enable you to take any and every Salesforce course. No matter where you are in your career, Trailhead will be your ‘mentor’. You’ll not only hone your skills, but you’ll also earn valuable points with each course you take.

Have a look at the vast courses they offer, including:

Salesforce Pathfinder

Image Source: Salesforce Pathfinder 

The Pathfinder initiative, conceived by Salesforce, was established to expand the number of Salesforce experts while serving customers and partners of Salesforce.

In addition to the free technical and business training provided, Pathfinder offers over 200 hours of live and asynchronous learning, mentorship, and a network of experienced employers eager to hire competent professionals.


Image Source: Journey2Salesforce

India significantly contributes to the Salesforce economy, growing faster than any other country. By 2024, India is predicted to create 1.9 million jobs, according to IDC.

Journey2Salesforce is a program tailored to Indian citizens that offers guidance, mentoring, and access to potential employers.

Certification Days

Image Source: Certification Days

Salesforce Certification Days have webinars crafted to help you prepare for a Salesforce certification exam of your choosing.

They cover topics like:

Pardot Training

Image Source: Pardot Training

Apex Hours provides new chances to learn and progress, this time as a marketing automation specialist. You'll explore everything from the fundamentals of B2B marketing to more advanced Pardot concepts to cover the entire life cycle.

Pardot, a Salesforce marketing automation tool, provides B2B companies with email automation and management solutions that promote powerful campaign targeting and lead tracking.

Apex Hours

Image Source: Apex Hours 

Apex Hours offers an entire program hosting over ten no-cost end-to-end courses related to the Salesforce platform. Knowledgeable Salesforce professionals and industry experts have created all classes.

The courses include:

Salesforce Admin Training

Learning Salesforce admin is essential for entering the Salesforce universe. The program helps to develop Salesforce expertise through active demonstrations and demo sessions while introducing students to the dynamic Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Admin Certification Training

A Salesforce-certified admin should be familiar with the features and configuration options available to end users. These admin courses and workshops offer assistance in preparing for the exam, covering all relevant topics and providing guidelines and tips on how to ace your test on your first try.

Salesforce Developer Training

Cloud-based Salesforce administration and development experience are widely sought-after IT skills listed in job postings all around the globe. Now is the perfect time to learn Salesforce admin and development to transform your career.

Salesforce Flow Builder Training

The journey of becoming a Salesforce Flow builder begins now. With the powerful automation options that Salesforce offers, this training video series will help make your mission to be a true specialist much more manageable.

Salesforce Service Cloud Training

In this free Salesforce Service Cloud training, experts discuss the core aspects of Service Cloud, including its key features, why it's so important, and how to implement it in a Salesforce org.

This Service Cloud course will give you the insights necessary to pass the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam. With Salesforce proficiency in demand, a mastery of Salesforce Service Cloud can help you stand out.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) Training

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning course will cover what Field Service Lightning and the implementation of its key features are.

Salesforce CPQ Training

These training videos will accelerate your journey to becoming a Salesforce configure-price-quote (CPQ) expert so that you can make it easier for companies to quickly and accurately generate orders.

Salesforce OmniStudio Training

During this Salesforce OmniStudio training, the instructors explore the user interface, FlexCards, and omniscripts to progress through data-driven tasks like DataRaptor and Integration Procedures.

This training is designed for those who want to be certified as Salesforce Omnistudio developers and will prepare them to take the Salesforce Omnistudio Developer Exam.


Image Source: Udemy 

Udemy offers plenty of Salesforce courses – you can consult the reviews to get an idea of course quality and popularity, and you'll also find classes dedicated to more nuanced and intricate topics.

Free top-performing Salesforce courses include:

Salesforce Associate Certification Course By Alex Warneke

You’ll learn:

  • How the Salesforce CRM platform provides a solution for connecting departments and customer data
  • How to create custom objects and custom links
  • The sorts of business problems that can be resolved through Salesforce Customer 360
  • Specific Salesforce platform terms
  • Basic functionality in the current version of Salesforce.

Salesforce Career And Technical Advice – 20 Questions By Mike Wheeler

You’ll learn:

  • Understanding the bigger picture of a Salesforce career by having a clear roadmap
  • Gaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform to propel your career forward.

Learn Salesforce In Easy Steps And Get Certified By Parikshith Red And Samata Chag

You’ll learn:

  • Understand advanced requirements and translate that to an application on Salesforce
  • Build data models using standard objects, fields, and relationships
  • Create permission sets to control profile access levels through personalized security settings
  • Use the Data Loader tool to import, export, update, and delete records
  • Build high-value reports and dashboards using the AppExchange Marketplace and the Salesforce IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Record Level Security In Salesforce With Real-Time Scenarios By Sandeep C

You’ll learn:

  • How to setup organization-wide defaults
  • Assign and create a wide range of role hierarchies in Salesforce
  • How to make and use sharing rules
  • When to use manual sharing.

Salesforce Administrator Certification – Introduction By Peggy Schael

You’ll learn:

  • The Lightning interface offers 14 detailed lessons addressing essential exam topics to facilitate organizational setup
  • Best practice guidance, including checklists, flowcharts, and diagrams
  • Introduction to your Salesforce Trailblazer profile when applying for Salesforce jobs
  • The Salesforce admin certification exam guide (which provides practical tips on preparing better).

When choosing between free and paid Udemy courses, you should take into account the following differences:

The free courses include:

The paid courses include:

Online video content

Online video content

Certificate of completion

Instructor Q&A

Instructor direct message

Salesforce Training And Certification With Mike Wheeler

Image Source: Mike Wheeler 

With a focus on empowering non-technical people to create unique online projects and applications, Mike Wheeler, a Salesforce Trainer, has taught countless professionals how to use the Salesforce platform through his online training courses.

He gives insight into practice exams, the average learning process per role, and the career options you can consider.

You can access some of the following free courses from Wheeler:

  • Your Cloud Career Launch Action Plan
  • Free Salesforce Career Paths Course
  • Salesforce Portfolio Power Hour.

Learn Salesforce With Gemma

Gemma Blezard, a Salesforce MVP, created a series of training videos to assist with reskilling for remote teams.

Blezard's weekly video series details all the essential components you need to know for a Salesforce administrator certification.

The Salesforce platform allows developers to create, customize, and deploy their applications on a server.

Salesforce offers numerous certifications to help you understand how the platform works and give you hands-on experience with topics like the Salesforce App Builder, Salesforce administrator, and Salesforce development training (which is essential for achieving a Salesforce development certification).

If you want to learn Salesforce, there are courses for all sorts of budgets.

Salesforce 101: Introduction To Salesforce

Created by: Francis Pindar

Price: $17.17

Image Source: Udemy
This Udemy course is the perfect place to start if you don't know Salesforce. It's a great introductory course that will teach you the basics from the ground up. 

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the offerings of Salesforce cloud services
  • Understand the possible compensation you could receive by working in Salesforce
  • Examine which certifications are accessible to you and pick out which ones suit your background most suitably.

Complete Salesforce Certified Platform Developer Course

Created by: Walid Horr

Price: $79.99

Image Source: Udemy 

For those studying advanced learning for the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer Certification Exam in 2023, this excellent online course will help maximize your preparation.

Complete Salesforce encompasses the essential topics outlined in the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer Study Guide, providing full guidance and pointers for the official exam.

The exam outline has many sections. Each section has topics within it – a total of 60 questions.

These are the different sections with the percentage weighting for each question:

  • Salesforce fundamentals – 7%
  • Data modeling and management – 13%
  • Process automation and logic – 38%
  • User interface – 25%
  • Testing, debugging, and deployment tools – 17%.
Complete Salesforce covers all topics and advanced concepts mentioned in the Study Guide. It provides at least one video lecture for each subject, consisting of a presentation and a demonstration on Salesforce.

Additionally, this course offers over 100 quiz questions to help gauge your comprehension.

Salesforce Development Training For Beginners

Created by: Deepika Khanna

Price: $79.99

Image Source: Udemy 

Salesforce Development Training will cover the basic knowledge of Apex programming and advanced techniques, like triggers and inheritance, for creating the back-end of Salesforce software.

The development training is designed for those with no programming experience. It has two parts: one covering the basics of Apex programming and the other focusing on more advanced techniques, like DML statements.

You will learn in this course:

  • An introduction to programming
  • How to program with Apex
  • Advanced techniques in programming.

Salesforce Developer Training With Real-Time Project

Created by: Deepika Khanna

Price: $67.58

Image Source: Udemy 

This applied training course will provide a comprehensive look at Salesforce development using Apex and other languages to develop real-world projects and build a complete Salesforce application.

You will learn how to construct an Apex Webservice and build a conference management application from the ground up.

Additionally, you will utilize JavaScript and Visualforce in crafting the web pages – making this course more hands-on rather than just theoretical.

Apex Academy: Fundamental Salesforce Coding Techniques

Created by: David Liu

Price: $​​29

Image Source: Pluralsight 

Pluralsight was created for those with a basic understanding of programming or technology and will teach you how to use the Apex language to build Salesforce applications.

The detailed tutorials will show you the fundamentals of Apex programming language, such as variables and various commands. Afterward, you'll delve into sophisticated strategies, such as data manipulation language (DML), Salesforce object query language (SOQL), and more.

You will learn in this course:

  • Coding with the Apex programming language
  • Salesforce development tools
  • Advanced techniques of the Apex programming language.

Please note that you must be a Pluralsight member to access the course.

Salesforce Apex Programming Development Training

Created by: Debasis Jena

Price: $​​23.65

Image Source: Udemy 

This comprehensive Salesforce developers' course offers over 19 hours of video content to teach you how to create custom applications with Apex.

Salesforce Development Training will take you from the basics to an advanced level, ideal for those serious about obtaining a Salesforce development certification.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  • How to code with Apex
  • The advanced methods of Apex
  • Develop real-world scenarios of apps.

You will begin with the fundamentals of the Apex language like:

  • The use of static functionality in Apex
  • Working with data and batch
  • Implementing debugging, invoking, and triggers.
Later, you will see and practice real-time scenario development to gain a better understanding.

Salesforce Developer: Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

Created by: Syed Raza, ClayDesk E-learning, Syed Ali, and Qasim Shah

Price: $​​67.58

Image Source: Udemy 

Salesforce Developer is unparalleled in its scope, teaching users how to program Salesforce apps with Apex and incorporate AI into their custom applications.

Programming these apps will require a variety of languages, such as Python, Java, and Json – and AI techniques, like natural language processing and image classification – to build comprehensive Salesforce applications.

You will learn in this course:

  • Implementing AI in your apps
  • Using many programming languages
  • Creating the pages using Visualforce.

Take The Right Course Of Action

Salesforce is a popular and powerful tool used more often today. Creating it in the background can be very coding-intensive. But contrary to being intensive, working with Salesforce is much simpler than you may believe – if you have the suitable courses and certifications under your belt.

In today's competitive environment, it is essential to improve your Salesforce knowledge and skills continually. Taking a professional course can help enhance your career performance.

If you wish to acquire more advanced skills, we suggest going for professional Salesforce courses. Not only will it give you confidence in basic knowledge, but taking a course can offer an array of benefits, making it an ideal option for those looking to hone their expertise.

Professional Salesforce courses meet our need for continual skill upgrading and allow candidates to identify their strong points and areas of improvement.

Furthermore, these courses are designed to account for the continuously changing industry environment so that they benefit new aspirants and experienced professionals.

For example, if you look at the population in the USA, 57% of workers want to update their skills. So, if you fall among the group of people wanting to be trained, enhance your resume by obtaining the relevant Salesforce certifications.

Doing so will show that you have the necessary skills and experience and are keeping them updated and polished.

Maybe it’s time to take action and enroll in your next (or first) Salesforce course!