Our pick of the top 6 Dreamforce ‘23 keynote highlights

From September 12 to 14 2023, Salesforce's coveted event, Dreamforce, took place. This year's edition stands out with remarkable figures, as it claims the title of the world's largest AI-focused gathering.

Our pick of the top 6 Dreamforce ‘23 keynote highlights
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It boasted over:

  • 1.5K sessions
  • An in-person attendance of 40K
  • Millions of online viewers.
The theme of this event revolves around the convergence of AI and Data Cloud. Salesforce Flow now automates an astonishing 1.2 trillion tasks monthly, while Data Cloud brings together 2 trillion records. Additionally, weekly, Einstein processes over 1 trillion transactions.

With statistics like these, staying informed about Salesforce's focus areas becomes beneficial. Explore our pick of the top 6 Dreamforce 2023 keynote highlights.

Einstein 1

Image Source: Salesforce News 
Einstein 1 represents a reimagining of the Salesforce platform aimed at establishing a reliable AI foundation that instills confidence in Salesforce customers. 

Internal users and customers (via Experience Cloud portals or equivalent platforms) have the ability to engage with this conversational AI assistant using natural language.

Copilot Studio

Image Source: Salesforce News 

Einstein Copilot Studio empowers Salesforce Administrators and others with authority and management capabilities. It offers the ability to implement influential generative AI to enhance user productivity, while maintaining control over the usage of generative AI processes and the extent of their reach.

This platform comprises three fundamental components: Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder.

Prompt Builder

Users can construct prompt templates, specify how these prompts should be anchored in Salesforce data, and swiftly activate them for users.

Skills Builder

This feature enables generative AI access within the Salesforce platform via "skills." For instance, it empowers Administrators to assign distinct generative AI capabilities to different users for specific processes.

This way, they can control the outcomes for different users by embedding a relevant "skill" into a Salesforce Flow.

Model Builder

Users can choose the AI models they want to utilize, whether it's Salesforce's proprietary large language models, which have been undergoing training for years, or one of their preferred partner models, such as Google Cloud's Vertex IX or OpenAI.

Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

Image Source: Salesforce.com


Salesforce offers Sales and Service Cloud users free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses. 


This includes two Tableau Creator subscriptions at no cost and provides Data Cloud access for up to 10K profiles.

Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud

Image Source: Salesforce News 

The enhanced integration of Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud stands as a strategic initiative by Salesforce. Anticipating the deployment of more than 50 generative AI capabilities by 2024, alongside the existing 26 capabilities and an additional 25+ anticipated by the same year, all anchored in Data Cloud.

This integration holds the promise of remarkable synergy, empowering businesses to leverage AI's potential in tailoring personalized marketing campaigns and elevating e-commerce interactions to unprecedented heights.

Data Cloud-Driven Flow

Image Source: Salesforce.com

The solution

  • Embedding Data Cloud into the Einstein 1 framework.
  • Effortless workflows are driven by real-time data sourced from various origins.
  • A well-structured zone was created for aggregating data, extracting insights, and facilitating marketing within the Data Cloud.

The outcome

Everyday tasks become more efficient, allowing teams to focus on critical initiatives.

Slack innovations

Image Source: Slack
Slack is embarking on a transformative journey with its innovative offerings. Leading the charge is "Slack Lists," a game-changing feature designed to revolutionize how professionals manage their tasks, with collaboration at its core. 

It is expected to debut in a pilot phase later this year. This feature leverages the power of generative AI. It seamlessly consolidates workflows from various conversations, ensuring critical deadlines stay on your radar.

Moreover, "Slack Sales Elevate" underscores Slack's dedication to enhancing user experiences.

By integrating AI, it aims to streamline tasks, ultimately saving valuable time. This feature represents the harmonious integration of Sales Cloud and Slack.

Elevate your business with cutting-edge AI integrations

The main keynote at Dreamforce 2023 served as a showcase of AI innovation. Marc Benioff, Salesforce's leader, was joined by a distinguished group of guests to delve into the future directions of AI.

As the tech community digests these groundbreaking revelations, it becomes clear that Salesforce is leading the charge in this revolution, molding the future landscape of business and technology.