15 best AI podcasts to listen to in 2024

Being a technical writer, I've been observing the two buzzwords of this decade for the past two years – 'artificial intelligence' and 'creator economy.'

  • Published 15 Feb 2024
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15 best AI podcasts to listen to in 2024
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  • Podcasts like "Unsupervised Learning" and "The AI Podcast by NVIDIA" deliver deep dives into AI, blending expert interviews and detailed discussions on trends and real-world applications, useful for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the field.
  • "Talking Machines" offers a unique format by mixing interviews, reviews, and discussions, which provides a holistic view on machine learning challenges and advancements, appealing to those interested in comprehensive AI narratives.
  • "Data Skeptic" stands out by focusing on in-depth exploration of a single theme over several episodes, catering to audiences who prefer detailed and methodical learning about AI and data science.

Studies show that high-end podcasts will be at the center of the creator economy, which will be worth $530 billion by 2030. There is something particularly exquisite about listening to two or more experts talk about their experiences and share refined knowledge.

And you don't need to be reminded about the AI wave in Salesforce. There's no doubt that AI is going to stay, and we need to get used to it. Hence, I've brought up an intersection between AI and the creator in this article. You don't need to be reminded about the AI wave in Salesforce. AI is going to stay, and we need to get used to it. Hence, in this article, I've brought an intersection between AI, the creator economy, and Salesforce—AI podcasts.

I will divide this article into certain sections:

  • Core AI and machine learning (ML) podcasts
  • General information podcasts that often talk about AI
  • Top Salesforce AI podcasts
  • My personal picks.

Core AI and ML podcasts

Unsupervised Learning

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Unsupervised Learning is a podcast that explores the world of AI and machine learning. Hosted by Daniel Messler, it discusses various aspects of AI technologies, including the latest trends, advancements, and real-world applications.

A VC firm, Redpoint Ventures, produces this podcast. Hence, it mostly talks about AI from a business point of view. As the podcast name suggests, it is focused on unsupervised learning techniques, providing valuable insights for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the AI field.

Daniel Messler calls this podcast his 'content-as-a-service.'
Author's note: Want to listen to my favorite episode? Listen to it here.

The AI Podcast by NVIDIA

Image Source: NVIDIA 

Produced by NVIDIA, The AI Podcast covers various topics, from astrophysics to artificial intelligence business applications. It features 25-minute interviews with leading AI experts, researchers, and innovators.

This podcast explores groundbreaking AI developments, from cutting-edge research to practical industry applications. As NVIDIA is one of the leading corporations in AI, its unique perspective adds depth to discussions on the latest advancements in machine learning.

As the podcast bio states, The AI Podcast discusses "the impact of AI on our world, one amazing person at a time."

Listen to The AI Podcast here.

Talking Machines

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Hosted by Neil Lawrence and Katherine Gorman, Talking Machines is a podcast dedicated to machine learning. Launched in 2015, this podcast provides insightful discussions on key AI topics, including algorithmic advancements, ethical considerations, and the impact of AI and ML on society.

Well, it's not just interviews – Talking Machines podcast is a mix of interviews, reviews, and thought-provoking discussions. The episodes keep listeners informed about the latest trends and challenges in the rapidly evolving field of machine learning.

Learn more about Talking Machines here.

Data Skeptic

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Data Skeptic is a podcast that caters to beginners and experienced professionals in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. The podcast explores fundamental concepts, practical applications, and emerging trends in an accessible and engaging manner. This podcast, hosted by a data scientist, Kyle Polich, is unique in its own way.

As stated by the host himself, "We cover one theme in depth for several months, one week at a time."

Starting back in 2014, Data Skeptic covers a diverse range of topics, providing a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of machine learning and data science.

Listen to this podcast here.

The TWIML AI Podcast

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This Week in Machine Learning (TWIML) AI Podcast is a well-established source for in-depth conversations with thought leaders in artificial intelligence. Hosted by industry veteran Sam Charrington, the podcast features interviews with AI researchers, practitioners, and influencers.

Covering a broad spectrum of AI topics, including deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, and ethical considerations, the TWIML AI Podcast provides a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective on the evolving world of artificial intelligence.

Get the TWIML AI Podcast here.

General AI news and information podcasts

Last Week in AI

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Last Week in AI is a podcast that concisely recaps the most significant events and developments in artificial intelligence.

Covering news, breakthroughs, and emerging trends, the podcast provides a quick and informative update on the latest happenings in the AI space. In addition to the podcasts, you also receive weekly newsletters recapping the latest information around AI.

Check it out here.

AI Today Podcast

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The AI Today Podcast delves into artificial intelligence, offering insights, opinions, and expert perspectives on AI's current state and future directions. The hosts, Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer explore a wide range of topics, including the societal impact of AI, ethical considerations, and industry applications.

If you want to differentiate between the arguable AI hype and the real-world implementations of AI, this podcast is for you.

Listen to AI Today here.

The AI Breakdown

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Hosted by NLW, the AI Breakdown is a podcast that focuses on delivering the latest AI news and engaging discussions on various AI-related topics. You'll like this podcast if you want to explore the impact of tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

It also covers breakthroughs, challenges, and emerging technologies, providing a comprehensive overview of the unstable AI landscape. The episodes feature in-depth analyses and conversations catering to AI enthusiasts and professionals seeking to stay informed about AI.

Listen to AI Breakdown here.

Top Salesforce AI podcasts

Ask More of AI

Image Source: Salesforce 

Ask More of AI is a YouTube podcast hosted by Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI. Diving deep into artificial intelligence, this YouTube series explores everything from ethical considerations to the practical applications of AI in business.

Whether you're a seasoned business leader or just starting out on the AI journey, this podcast promises to broaden your understanding. In the thirteen published episodes of Salesforce, Clara engages with industry experts and thought leaders in insightful conversations.

With over ten million views, Salesforce AI episodes are available bi-weekly on YouTube, "salesforce.com/plus," and your other preferred podcast platform.
Author's note: Watch Ask More of AI here. My personal favorite episode is "Future of Trusted AI" with Marc Benioff and Sam Altman. A must-watch!

Salesforce AI

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If you're a sales enthusiast, you'll love this podcast. Salesforce AI is a podcast dedicated to all things AI in sales. Each episode dives deep into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies propelling the integration of AI in sales.

You can expect valuable insights on how AI reshapes business practices, amplifies customer engagement, and revolutionizes sales methodologies.

With more than 350 episodes, it is a thrilling intersection of AI and sales, ensuring you stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Get Salesforce AI here.

Blazing Trails

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Blazing Trails takes you on a journey into Salesforce's core values through thought-provoking conversations with global leaders, innovators, and icons shaping a better world.

The podcast, hosted by Michael Rivo, explores topics ranging from innovation and equality to net zero energy, work, and well-being. Each episode, debuting every Wednesday, provides insights into how individuals and organizations positively impact the world.

The best part? The Blazing Trails podcast also talks a lot about AI, with the latest episode titled "How Einstein GPT Brings Generative AI to CRM." Interesting, right?

Listen to the Blazing Trails podcast here.

Author's personal picks

AI in Business Podcast

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One of my top picks is the AI in Business podcast by Emerj, a standout AI research company. Hosted by the founder, Daniel Faggella, this weekly podcast brings exclusive interviews with industry leaders in robotics, deep learning, and data science.

Dive into episodes exploring the practical applications of AI tools, from experimental ventures to those delivering real value to businesses. Whether you're into SaaS, software development, or product management, this podcast has something for you.

Author's note: Want to listen to the USA's number-one popular podcast? Get it here.

Eye on AI Podcast

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For a biweekly dose of AI insights with a journalistic touch, Eye on AI is a must-listen. Hosted by Craig Smith, a correspondent at The New York Times, this podcast dives into the latest trends in computer science and artificial general intelligence (AGI).

This podcast will help you discover how business leaders use AI for enhanced productivity, interactive customer conversations, and task automation. Who doesn't like to talk about productivity?

The podcast also addresses the existential threat of AI, offering valuable perspectives on what machine learning changes mean for businesses and how to adapt.

Learn more about it here.

Lex Fridman Podcast

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The Lex Fridman Podcast is unparalleled when it comes to staying at the forefront of machine-learning changes. Hosted by and named after Lex Fridman, an AI researcher at MIT, this podcast boasts talks with heavyweights like Elon Musk, Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, and Jaron Lanier.

Beyond its focus on machine learning, it explores diverse topics in data science, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies. With its engaging discussions and expert insights, it's no wonder this podcast has become a go-to listen for thousands of people, including me.

Author's note: Lex Fridman is one of the most influential figures in AI. A must-follow expert! Learn more about the Lex Fridman Podcast here.

The ChatGPT Report

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We all use tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard. On top of that, we want to stay updated with the latest news and information about these chat apps, don't we? If 'yes,' then this podcast is for you. The ChatGPT Report is a collection of 15-20 minute episodes that cover all the latest news, insights, and advancements in the world of chatbot applications.

This podcast, hosted by Ben Meyerhoeffer and Ryan Collier, discusses OpenAI, ChatGPT, and other advancements.

Get it here.

A bonus honorary mention: Practical AI: The Capacity for Good

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Practical AI: The Capacity for Good is a captivating podcast dedicated to uncovering AI's myriad benefits. You can delve into the fascinating world of AI alongside esteemed thought leaders who intricately explore its crossroads with automation, customer support, and enhancing customer experience.

Within each episode, listeners are immersed in compelling real-life narratives showcasing the tangible ways AI has revolutionized and enriched people's lives. From streamlining processes to enhancing accessibility, these stories highlight the profound impact of AI across various domains and industries.

Discover AI's endless possibilities and opportunities by listening to the podcast here.

AI is vast, but the most popular aspect of AI today is generative AI. But not many people know the capabilities it holds. People are limited to ChatGPT only. But this podcast episode changes that: https://podcast.emerj.com/breaking-boundaries-with-generative-ai-with-gianni-giacomelli-of-genpact. You learn about the real possibility and future of generative AI.

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Win with AI or get defeated by it

It's a no-brainer that AI will stay, and to thrive in this world, you need to incorporate AI in your business. But you can't do that with zero knowledge of industry trends.

Your best and easiest shot at learning and staying updated about AI is through podcasts. If you haven't already, try listening to one of the abovementioned podcasts. Start with 15-20 minutes a day. Listen to podcasts while walking around, exercising, or cooking.

Can't get enough?

Check out our Trails podcast for all things Salesforce.

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