Enhance your mobile user experience with LocationService API

Mobile apps have become an essential aspect of our lives, and some provide personalized and location-aware experiences that make our lives much more accessible.

  • Published 22 Oct 2023
  • 3 mins read
Enhance your mobile user experience with LocationService API
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  • LocationService API enhances mobile apps by enabling location-aware features, which provide users with personalized and context-specific services.
  • The API is resource-efficient, managing its own resource allocations and releases, which simplifies development and improves performance.
  • It allows for real-time updates and location-based actions, crucial for applications like field service or logistics, enhancing operational responsiveness.

Salesforce offers a powerful tool called the LocationService API to help Developers build mobile applications that can access and track locations in a Lightning Web Component.

Why use the LocationService API

There are several advantages of using the LocationService API, some of which are outlined below:

Location awareness

LocationService adds location-based features to apps, providing users with location-specific information or services.


Tailor content and actions based on users' locations for a user-centric experience.

Real-time updates

Subscribe to location updates for real-time information. This is essential for applications requiring instant location data, such as field service or logistics solutions.

Efficient resource management

LocationService is designed to be resource-efficient. It handles resource allocations and releases automatically, sparing you the complexities of resource management.

Geolocation actions

Trigger specific actions or workflows based on a user's location.

How to use the LocationService API

To create a Lightning Web Component with location-based functionalities, use the LocationService API in your component definition. Just remember that:

  • You can import LocationService into your component definition, which enables your code to access the LocationService API functions.
  • Before utilizing any location-related functions, test that LocationService is available.
  • You can use these functions to obtain the present location or request updates for the location changes.

Add LocationService to a Lightning Web Component

In the JavaScript file of your component, import the LocationService using the standard JavaScript import statement. Specifically, import the 'getLocationService()' factory function from the 'lightning/mobileCapabilities' module as follows:

import { getLocationService } from 'lightning/mobileCapabilities';

Once you have successfully imported it into your component, the factory function can be used to get an instance of LocationService. Utilize this LocationService instance to check its availability using the 'isAvailable()' utility function.

You can use the location calculation functions to obtain the present location or to set up and receive updates for location changes.

Test LocationService's availability

LocationService relies on physical device hardware and platform features. While a component incorporating LocationService renders without errors on a desktop computer or mobile browser, the location functions might encounter issues.

To prevent errors, it's crucial to verify the availability of the LocationService functionality before using it.

handleGetCurrentLocationClick(event) {
const myLocationService = getLocationService();
if(myLocationService.isAvailable()) {
// Perform geolocation operations
else {
// LocationService not available
// Not running in an app with GPS, location APIs, etc.
// Handle with message, error, beep, and so on

Determine the current location

The current location is obtained by a function call, as shown below. Although this call is asynchronous and must be managed as a JavaScript Promise, it operates as a singular action, executing resource allocation and releases automatically.

myLocationService.getCurrentPosition({ enableHighAccuracy: true }).
then((result) => {
this.myLocation = result.coords;
// Do something with the location here
// Display a map, look up an address, save to a record
catch((error) => {
// Handle any errors here

Locate a better experience

Salesforce's LocationService API is a resource for Developers who want to enhance overall user experience by using location-based features in their apps.

By following best practices – such as checking for LocationService availability and subscribing to location change updates – you can create engaging mobile apps and enhance your mobile user experience with LocationService API.

For more details on configuration, results formating, and error handling, check out the LWC Dev Guide!

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