Seamless development with VS Code and Hutte

You can use the full power of Hutte, like accessing scratch orgs, taking scratch orgs from our pool, and much more, all from Visual Studio Code.

Our Objective

As we aim to give you convenience and functionality when it comes to your Git-based Salesforce development, Hutte has a Visual Studio Code extension that you can utilize with a click of a few buttons!

How to setup and use our extension

Please make sure that you have the following before you start:
Make sure the version of your Hutte plugin is equal to or bigger than 1.1.0:
To check the current version of your Hutte plugin, use “sfdx plugins:inspect hutte.” To upgrade to 1.1.0, use “sfdx plugins:install [email protected]
Install the extension:
Search for “Hutte” in the extensions tab in VS Code, or install it from Visual Studio Marketplace.
If you are interested in inspecting the code, or contributing to it, check our extension’s 👉 GitHub repository

Our extension is open-source

As our extension is open-source, the source code is open to everyone on the internet – and, more importantly – available for external input.

We’d love to hear from you

Feedback is the most important thing to Hutte. It allows us to shape our product in a way that provides the maximum value to you – our users. If you have anything on your mind, you can let us know via:
The Chat on this page 👇 or inside the Hutte App
A review on the Marketplace
An email to [email protected]
Salesforce DevOps Solution For Everyone
Hutte is easy, powerful, and accessible to anyone on your team, regardless of technical skills and coding knowledge.
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