Our “Pull changes” has been overhauled

We gave “Pull changes” a substantial overhaul, bringing a series of improvements to this core functionality of Hutte.

  • Published 14 Jul 2023
  • 2 mins read
Our “Pull changes” has been overhauled
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The following improvements are available both for Scratch Org and Sandbox Projects:

Separate your “commit” from your “pull request”

While Hutte previously implicitly opened a pull request whenever you “pulled changes,” we now give you more control over how you transfer your changed metadata from your Salesforce development environment to Git.

Opening a pull request is now optional and can be done whenever you have completed your work.

Our thinking – when working on a complex feature in your Scratch Org or Developer Sandbox, you might want to move the changes to Git while your work is still in progress, without opening a pull request immediately.

This is especially important if your team uses automation that is triggered by a pull request, which you might only want to run once you consider your work to be ready for review.

Pull changes templates

From now on, Hutte Admins have more control over the “pull changes” experience of their project’s users. 

From the new “Pull changes” menu item inside the "Project Settings," defaults or placeholders for the individual input fields of the “Pull changes” dialogue can be set.

This guides your team to use meaningful values for the work they submit, which follow the conventions applied by your team.

We ship the feature with the following defaults:

  • Default Pull Request Title: {{feature_name}}
  • Default Pull Request Description: blank
  • Default Commit Message: blank.

This means that from the onset, your users will find their “Pull changes” form with an empty commit message and pull request description, and a pull request title defaulting to the name of your Scratch Org or Sandbox Feature.

By leveraging the “use as Placeholder only” checkbox in combination with a set of variables that we provide, a typical configuration could make the form appear, for example, like this:

In the latest release, we made other value-added feature improvements to enhance your experience using Hutte

These improvements include the following:

  • Optimizing Git clone operations
  • Allowing deletion of Scratch Orgs without prior termination
  • Validating "hutte.yml" syntax and providing meaningful error messages
  • Making logs accessible from your timeline immediately after jobs have started.
🙌🏻 We have more updates coming your way!

Last updated: 12 Jun 2024