New in Hutte: Improved customer invitations and more

There’s a lot happening in Hutte these days. We've made some significant upgrades to the "Invite Customer" flow for consultancies and SI partners using Hutte on the Partner plan. Additionally, we’ve made several quality-of-life upgrades that should save you a click or two.

  • Published 02 Jun 2024
  • 2 mins read
New in Hutte: Improved customer invitations and more
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Inviting customers to Hutte (Partner plan)

Now, you can pre-create a project for your customer and add a specific user from your team (automatically set to the person sending the invitation) who is instantly made a Project Admin. This allows them to assist your customer with the setup process.


Additionally, a new "Invitations" tab has been added to your Org menu. This enables you to monitor sent invitations and their acceptance status.

When creating new projects on the Partner plan, this now defaults to an invite dialogue. You can easily toggle to creating an internal project at the click of a button.

Salesforce deployment status now linked in the "Timeline"

We made a small improvement to the deployment status interface. Now, if a deployment fails, you can click on the red box in the "Timeline" to open a deep link to a detailed “Deployment Status” page, where you can investigate the reasons why the deployment failed (e.g., a lack of test coverage, etc.).

"License type" now defaults to "Developer” during Sandbox creation

We made a minor improvement to save you a click: When you’re creating a new Sandbox, the “License type” field will now default to “Developer” instead of starting empty.

Salesforce connections and Git repositories now searchable during project setup

We’ve added search functionality to the Hutte project setup flow.

This is especially valuable for Enterprise customers with dozens of Salesforce Org connections and hundreds of GitHub repositories.

No more scrolling through an endless list – just type the name of the connection or repository you want to link in the search field. Even small amounts of time saved add up fast.

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Last updated: 05 Jul 2024