Hutte's 2023 in rewind

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's a momentous occasion to reflect on Hutte's remarkable journey over the past year. This year-in-review article delves into the milestones, innovations, and transformative endeavors that have defined our path.

  • Published 21 Dec 2023
  • 3 mins read
Hutte's 2023 in rewind
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From groundbreaking achievements to notable strides in the industry, join us in retracing Hutte's steps through the transformative landscape of 2023.


Our team started developing an entirely new UI, internally referred to at the time as "Hutte 2," which brings comfort, UX excellence, and much more.


Hutte started supporting Bitbucket on-premise via "oauth2." It rounds up support for the most widely used Git hosts.


  • Our Co-Founder and CPO, Harald Mayer, visited San Francisco to attend TrailblazerDX – an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest innovations, meet fellow ISVs, and join side events at Salesforce Tower.
  • Hutte's Content Manager and Editor-In-Chief, Samantha Spiro, joined the team full-time. Samantha's focus is building and growing Hutte's Trails blog, which is about everything Salesforce. It is a place for guest posts of skilled members of the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Manuel Moya Ferrer, a Salesforce and DevOps expert, joined our team as a Product Supporter.


  • Hutte launched our next-generation UI – the new Hutte.
  • We launched our Jira plugin.


We introduced Custom Buttons, previously only available for Scratch Org Projects. From May onwards, Custom Buttons became available in Sandbox Projects.


  • In June, Hutte started conveniently supporting connecting multiple Salesforce orgs as deployment targets for each project. When working on a change request, bug fix, or feature in a Sandbox or Scratch Org through Hutte, you can deploy the source you have been working on to a target org of your choice.
  • We launched our Trails Podcast – a podcast about Salesforce experts and trailblazers in their respective fields, sharing their experiences, insights, and best practices for leveraging Salesforce.


Our "Pull changes" feature underwent essential improvements, such as being able to separate your "commit" from your "pull request" and Admins having access to templates for customizing the "pull changes" UI.


  • We launched Hutte Recipes – a collection of easy-to-digest code examples and extensions to perform various Salesforce actions.
  • For the second time, Harald was invited to speak remotely at the Women in Tech New Delhi community event.


Our innovative Sandbox Pooling feature was developed in September (and released in October). This concept mirrors and extends to Hutte's popular Scratch Org Pooling feature, where we make fresh Orgs instantly accessible to Developers at any time.


  • We launched our Hutte Visual Studio Code extension.
  • We transitioned to unified CLI (SF) throughout our product.
  • Fatima Siraj, our Business Development Representative, joined the team.


  • Our team at Hutte joined French Touch Dreamin'. We also used the event as an opportunity for a product hackathon, resulting in an exciting addition of a new feature.
  • We traveled to Amsterdam to attend AppExchange Live.


  • Hutte is slowly wrapping up a successful year, bringing more advancements to our user and permission management to meet the requirements of SI (consultancy) practices around the globe.
  • Stay tuned for a case study and more features for teams who work on multiple projects for various customers.

Until next year

We look forward to another prosperous year in 2024. Until then, happy holidays!‌‌

Last updated: 12 Jun 2024