New in Hutte: Hutte recipes and improved sandbox management

Hutte recipes stand as invaluable blueprints within the dynamic landscape of automation. They hold the power to streamline actions, offering a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the complexities of creating and deploying code and configuration on this platform.

New in Hutte: Hutte recipes and improved sandbox management
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On the other hand, in the Salesforce realm, the significance of effective sandbox management emerges as a crucial linchpin.

With Salesforce development often taking place in sandboxes rather than scratch orgs, efficiently refreshing these environments becomes paramount.

Read on to learn about Hutte's recipes and the sandbox management improvements we've rolled out.

Hutte recipes: Templates for your automation requirements

Hutte recipes are a collection of easy-to-digest code examples and extensions to perform various Salesforce actions through Hutte or – if triggered through a commit to Git or a pull request – on your chosen CI/CD platform.

Using JavaScript, Bash, Apex, and more, there is a recipe to suit every Salesforce team’s needs.
You can find our recipes through a new tab on your organization overview, which you can reach by clicking on the Hutte logo (located in the top left-hand corner).

Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. Recipes filed under Hutte are code snippets you can use in your "hutte.yml" file.

CI/CD recipes are meant to be set up on your chosen CI/CD platform – typically the same one you host your Git repository with and where you already have your project connected.
Enjoy browsing our recipes and making them part of your development lifecycle!

Improved sandbox management

If you use Hutte in projects where you develop in sandboxes rather than scratch orgs, we have news for you! You can now refresh and delete orgs right from Hutte (this functionality is limited to Hutte Admin users).

And we have an even more exciting heads-up – we are working on sandbox pooling. This will allow you to always have a fresh Developer sandbox available for your work without manual refreshes and tedious wait times.

Our updates don't stop there

We're preparing to unveil a range of extra improvements just for you. Stay ready and watch out for them!