TDX 2024: Insights from the premier Salesforce Developer conference

TrailblazerDX 2024 recently wrapped up in San Francisco, leaving attendees (including myself) buzzing with excitement over the latest advancements in Salesforce technology.

TDX 2024: Insights from the premier Salesforce Developer conference
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One standout announcement was the unveiling of Einstein 1 Studio, marking a significant stride forward for Salesforce in integrating large language models (LLMs) into its suite of services. This new tool promises to revolutionize various aspects of Salesforce operations, from sales strategies to customer service interactions.

Einstein 1 Studio allows users to leverage a variety of models trained on their own data, seamlessly integrating them into Salesforce workflows using technologies like Flow and Apex.

In addition to numerous opportunities to learn about the new Copilot tooling hands-on, here are my main highlights and takeaways from the event (👉Author's note: These are biased towards my interest as the Head of Product at Hutte):

Salesforce Replication Service

This service is a game-changer in data management, promising significant enhancements over traditional Change Data Captures and opening up new possibilities for data integration and analysis.

Fireside Chat with Clara Shih and Jared Kaplan

An illuminating conversation between Salesforce's CEO of AI, Clara Shih, and Anthropic Co-Founder, Jared Kaplan, provided deep insights into the future of AI-driven solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Sandbox innovations

Learning about upcoming Sandbox enhancements from Rohit Mehta – such as Selective Sandbox Access, Scale Test, and developer sandbox data seeding (piloting in Winter 25) – was particularly intriguing.

Understanding the current state of 2GP migration shed light on the evolving landscape of app development and deployment.

Modular development panel discussion

A session led by Rob Cowell on modular development sparked lively discussions and provided valuable insights into best practices for building scalable solutions on the Salesforce platform.

DevOps transformation at Riskonnect, Inc.

Hearing about a successful DevOps transformation project at Riskonnect, Inc. – presented by Jason Lantz – offered practical lessons and inspiration for organizations seeking to streamline their development processes.

"True to the Core" session

Moderated by Parker Harris, the session provided deep insights into parts of the platform's roadmap. I'm particularly pleased to learn about the fast-moving refactoring of SteelBrick CPQ and Vlocity as a platform-native revenue cloud (goodbye, record-based configuration!), plus the continuous commitments to transition more Salesforce products to the core platform/metadata.

Sharing my Salesforce experiences

A personal highlight for me was having the opportunity to share insights and experiences from my Salesforce career alongside industry leaders like Jason Hoult and Tahseen Taj.

🤗 Author's note: Thank you to everyone who joined and interacted!

Image source: TrailblazerDX

Until next year

TrailblazerDX 2024 was a resounding success. It showcased the innovative spirit and collaborative community that define the Salesforce ecosystem. The insights gained and connections made will undoubtedly shape the future of Salesforce development and implementation for years to come.

I cannot wait to see what next year's TDX brings!