Simplify Salesforce project setup with a template repository and Apex framework collection

Are you looking to spin up a new repository and/or optimize your Salesforce development process? Look no further than Hutte’s template repository and Apex framework collection.

Simplify Salesforce project setup with a template repository and Apex framework collection
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Designed to simplify your initial repository setup and streamline your workflow, our GitHub repository and framework offers a comprehensive suite of resources to kickstart your Salesforce projects.

Let's dive in and explore how Hutte can elevate your projects to new heights.

Simplify and enhance your repository creation with Hutte’s templates

Hutte's template repository is a GitHub repository that can be used as a template to start a Salesforce repository. It contains:

  1. A skeleton Salesforce project with sample metadata
  2. The baseline Hutte configuration
  3. A sample dataset
  4. The main Hutte Recipes
  5. Visual Studio Code presets
  6. Quality configuration tools
  7. An open-source Apex framework collection.

Watch the repository in action 🎬

Hutte's repository contains the main Hutte Recipes and our incremental deployment, code analyzer, and SFDMU recipe. Additionally, the repository has Visual Studio Code presets so that the code is automatically formatted when opened.

Apart from that, our template repository also contains the following quality code configuration tools:  

  • Prettier baseline configuration
  • PMD baseline configuration
  • ESLint baseline configuration
  • Pre-commit Husky hooks configured with Prettier formatting.

How to set up Hutte’s template

  1. When creating a Hutte project, you must connect to your GitHub provider and repository.
  2. You can use our template to create a Salesforce repository by clicking "Use this template" and "Create a new repository."
  3. You will give your repository a name, and GitHub will create a new one based on the content of our template repository.
  4. Once you have created the repository, you can go to “Hutteand connect to the newly-created repository by clicking "Connect your Git host."
Now, let's tell you about our Hutte Apex framework collection.

Streamline your Apex code with the installation of Hutte’s Apex framework collection

Hutte's Apex framework collection folder contains open-source Apex framework needed for a basic Salesforce project. Contributors in the Salesforce community have expertly built the collection.

The collection includes the following:

  1. Apex Trigger Actions
  2. Amoss – Apex Mocks
  3. Nebula Logger
  4. SOQL-Lib
  5. Apex Domain Builder
  6. Apex Http Mocks.

Watch the framework in action 🎥

We have conveniently bundled the framework collection together so that you have a simplified way of installing them in a single go. Additionally, they are packaged in an unlocked package. This means that modifications or additions can be made to this collection, and new versions of this unlocked package will be created.

As you can see from the links, you can install the package in production or a sandbox, and you will be able to see the contents of the collection within the Hutte project template repository.

Contributions are welcome

External contributions are welcome either through pull requests, GitHub Issues, or any other feasible alternative.