New in Hutte: Project Admins, Sandbox cloning, and Branch Templates

Get ready to take your development projects to the next level with the latest feature-rich updates in Hutte.

New in Hutte: Project Admins, Sandbox cloning, and Branch Templates
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We're excited to announce the introduction of Project Admins, Sandbox cloning enhancements, and Branch Templates, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration.

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Introducing Project Admins in Hutte

Previously, Hutte offered two roles – "Admins" and "Users" – applicable across the entire organization. Now, Hutte organization admins can assign individual users as "Project Admins" for specific projects.

This grants them comprehensive project administration access. However, they cannot create new projects or access other projects unless they are assigned roles in those. You can make these changes via the "Project Settings" screen.

Create (clone) Sandboxes from "Template Org"

Did you know that you can spin up Developer Sandboxes not just from Production but also from another Developer Org (or a Developer Pro from a Developer Pro, or a Partial from a Partial)?

This feature lets you transfer data even to new Developer Orgs. It's a handy tool for moving configuration or seed data vital for development or QA tasks.

You can consistently refresh your Hutte Sandbox Pool from your Integration Developer Org, ensuring you're always ahead with the latest metadata, even before its Production release.

Hutte proudly supports this Salesforce-native cloning feature – and we've made it even easier by displaying the origin Org of a cloned Sandbox in our Sandbox Detail view.

Try out Branch Templates

Just as Hutte's Pull Request Templates help standardize your team's Pull Requests, we've introduced a similar feature for branching. With this, you can set templates to ensure consistent branch naming conventions across your team. Access this feature under "Project Settings" and "Pull Changes."

More changes are underway

Keep an eye out for our upcoming enhancements in user invitations and management for Hutte projects and organizations!