New in Hutte: Org deployments

Say hello to deploying your features or fixes conveniently directly from Hutte to the destination org of your choice.

  • Published 23 Jun 2023
  • 2 mins read
New in Hutte: Org deployments
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While many teams who work Git-based use their CI/CD pipelines for automating deployments, there are situations where you might want to move the changes performed in a development environment – no matter if it’s a scratch org or sandbox – to a different org.

The destination org could be a development, partial, or full sandbox for QA and user acceptance testing, or even a production org, for example, in a pre-go-live setting.

👉  Are you getting started with your CI/CD on Salesforce?

With the latest release, Hutte now conveniently supports connecting multiple Salesforce orgs as deployment targets for each project.

When working on a change request, bug fix, or feature in a sandbox or scratch org through Hutte, you’ll now be able to deploy the source you have been working on to a target org of your choice.
Additionally, you are able to specify if you want to run a full or validation deployment and to set details of the test execution during your deployment.

Your organization homepage

When clicking on the Hutte logo inside our app, rather than getting redirected to the listview of the last visited project, an overview of your projects in the respective Hutte Organization is shown.

It displays essential org details, like the connected Salesforce org and the Git repository, at a glance.

Additional improvements we’ve made to our next-generation UI

  • Improved refresh behavior
  • Temporary toast messages no longer block user input
  • The current branch name is displayed on the Scratch Org and Sandbox Feature detail page
  • The commit SHA of creation on the Scratch Org detail page
  • Project menu design inconsistencies have been fixed.
Stay tuned for more improvements, updates, and top-notch features from Hutte!

Last updated: 12 Jun 2024