New in Hutte: Scratch Org Snapshots is now in public beta

Following the announcement of a closed pilot for managing Scratch Org Snapshots in Hutte – a feature freshly rolled out in beta by Salesforce in their Spring '24 release – we're pleased to announce that this functionality is now accessible to all users on a paid or trial Hutte plan!

New in Hutte: Scratch Org Snapshots is now in public beta
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Additionally, we've improved the functionality based on feedback from early adopters. You can now easily populate your Pool of Scratch Orgs from a Snapshot by selecting one in the “Pool Settings.”

Did you miss our Scratch Org Snapshots functionality walkthrough video from our private beta launch? No problem! You can catch up by watching it below.

Carry on reading below to see what other updates we have made!

Convenient invite functionality for SI partners and consultancies

In a previous update, we shared how consultancies can utilize Hutte to manage multiple customer projects using a single credential. We also explained how it facilitates smooth collaboration with customers who have their own Hutte instance. We've since enhanced this feature by allowing consultancies to invite their customers to sign up for their own Hutte Org.

With this setup, the customer's organization is provisioned with the inviting consultancy whitelisted for inviting guest users. This means customers can easily add consultants to their projects without incurring additional license costs. They can also do this during the project setup stage, enabling them to delegate the simple steps of configuring Hutte to the consultant they're working with.

Other updates

  • From your "Organization" homepage, you can now directly create projects and quickly view the number of Scratch Org and Sandbox projects currently in use.
  • We have updated our underlying architecture to easily upgrade or switch the SF CLI version used in internal commands. This powers functionalities, such as retrieving changed metadata or building packages.
  • In manual deployments initiated via the Hutte UI, we now require test execution when the target organization is a "Production" type.
  • We've made improvements to our billing integration with Stripe.

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