New in Hutte: Partner-friendly user management and more

We’re kicking off 2024 with a bang. Read on to find out what improvements we have implemented to make your work on Salesforce simpler.

  • Published 22 Jan 2024
  • 2 mins read
New in Hutte: Partner-friendly user management and more
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Guest users: A new feature for consultancies (SIs and PDO partners) and teams working with them

A typical Salesforce implementation project often proceeds as follows:

  1. A company hires a consultancy, which assigns experts to the project.
  2. After configuring the org, the consultancy hands it over to the client's in-house team.
  3. During this process, trained Consultants and Developers may use specific tools to facilitate a proper development lifecycle.
  4. This approach can exclude customer-side Admins from the configuration process or create issues due to an unsynchronized release cycle of metadata changes.
In response to this challenge, we've developed a licensing model that benefits both consultancies and their customers. We've also expanded the identity and access management capabilities of our product accordingly. Now, customers on the Professional” and “Enterprise” plans can invite their consultancy team members to use Hutte without incurring additional license costs.

With these improvements, Hutte offers an attractive way for SI and PDO partners to collaborate with their customers on their Salesforce implementation or their ISV product.

  • This feature is particularly beneficial during the implementation phase when a large number of Consultants and Developers may need access to the customer's environment.
  • It streamlines and enhances the development lifecycle efficiency.
  • After the org is transferred, customers can continue the development lifecycle without disruptions.

Improved refresh Pool Org functionality

In December, we introduced a new functionality that refreshes metadata in Pool Scratch Orgs. We enhanced the usability by incorporating a toggle directly into the "Take from pool" dialogue. This toggle only appears when a Pool Org's metadata is behind the tip of the Git branch from which it was created.

Refresh a Sandbox from another Sandbox

Did you know that you can create or refresh a Sandbox not only from Production, but also from a Sandbox of the same license?

This process has the benefit of copying over metadata – and unlike refreshing from Production – it also includes data. This feature can be useful for seeding your Developer Sandboxes with data and transitioning away from long-living Developer Sandboxes.

Our customers frequently use this feature when using Sandbox Pooling. In this case, the Org from which Pool Orgs are periodically refreshed can be set in the pool settings. Moreover, we have now implemented the option to select a “Source Org” from which to refresh any Sandbox. This option is available in the dialogue when refreshing an individual Sandbox in Hutte.

Other value-added enhancements we’ve made

  1. Organizational and project setup/onboarding: Streamlined and design improvements.
  2. Enhanced user experience for setting up and refreshing Hutte’s integration with Bitbucket Server.
  3. Bug fix: Applied branch name template when taking a Scratch Organization from the Pool.
  4. Bug fix: Displayed the correct package build version.
  5. Improved various error messages throughout the application.
  6. hutte.yml: The DevHub authentication token is now available to push script.

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Last updated: 12 Jun 2024