Grant our Support Team login access to troubleshoot your issues

We are known by our users for going above and beyond when it comes to the support that we offer. Well, our team at Hutte can now support you even better!

Grant our Support Team login access to troubleshoot your issues
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While our diligent security model prevents us from accessing your data, you can temporarily grant us "read-only" access to your Hutte environment.

This will allow us to inspect your Hutte setup's state and facilitate your troubleshooting. For example, when it comes to getting the script right that powers your Custom Button.

Please note that when you grant our Support Team access to your environment, we do not have access to your connected Salesforce production org(s) or connected Git host.

Rich improvements and upgrades have been made to our tool just for you

These value-added improvements include the following:

  • An improved refresh behavior in our Scratch Org Pool: This feature is now appropriately called  "recreate" behavior.
  • An enhanced preview of the metadata changes in your Sandboxes and Scratch Orgs.
  • Pull changes: There is a new toggle option that shows all of your metadata changes since the beginning of the feature, and your fresh metadata changes since the last commit.
  • An improved empty state (if there are no changes available for deployment) in the “Deploy” dialogue.
  • A design fix on the "Signup" page.
Keep your eyes peeled – we have more changes in store for you!