New in Hutte: Billing user and enhanced billing page, and more

Dive into the details of our job abortion button and custom button interface, providing optimized usability. Additionally, uncover how browsing all metadata within your organization has been streamlined for a more intuitive experience.

  • Published 15 May 2024
  • 4 mins read
New in Hutte: Billing user and enhanced billing page, and more
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Last but not least, read on as we unveil further improvements, including our 'simple deploy' functionality and enhanced billing options.

Job abortion

We've added the ability to abort long-running operations on your Salesforce orgs. You'll find the new "Abort" button throughout Hutte – whether you're executing custom scripts from custom buttons, pulling changes, or deploying a feature to a target org.


Improved custom button interface

We've refined the positioning and alignment of main actions like "Log in" and "Pull changes," as well as project-specific actions (custom buttons), to optimize the use of available screen space.


Enhancements for browsing all metadata of an org

We've enhanced the loading behavior when browsing "All Metadata" in your connected Scratch Org or Sandbox. This update prevents occasional timeouts that happened previously and improves the user experience. Additionally, we've introduced indicators to display the number of metadata components in each directory.

Pull all metadata.png

Further improvements to the 'simple deploy' functionality

While we suggest that deployments should ideally be managed by your pipeline, we understand there are situations where a quick deployment of metadata changes to a target organization is necessary.

Therefore, we continue to enhance our simple deploy functionality. The latest improvements display the type of deployment (validation or full deployment) and the target organization on the timeline. This way, you keep this information in view during and after your deployment.

Simple depoy improvements.png

Billing user and enhanced billing page

We have good news for organizations that handle Hutte billing separately from the actual user team! You can now conveniently invite a billing user who has access to our significantly improved billing page. They can also view the plan overview, which helps you select the most suitable paid plan for your needs. Billing users are free of charge, and there's no cap on the number you can create.

Additional enhancements

  • We now show the pull request link on a Sandbox feature without refreshing it (when implicitly creating a pull request).
  • When parallel feature development in Sandboxes is enabled, this no longer applies to Pool Orgs
  • We have a new ‘combobox’ component implemented throughout the app.

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